Sunday, November 8, 2009

VMware crashes after updating (upgrading) of host OS (to CentOS 5.4)

If you have in your hostd.log something like this:

Nov 07 21:19:12.648: Worker#23| Caught signal 6 -- tid 31543

this can be related with update(upgrade) of host OS.

After upgrading of a host OS (CentOS 5.3->CentOS 5.4) I got an issue - a guest OS started to crash. Searching around for a possible cause I found bug post in CentOS bug tracker. Seems that issue is related to glibc update (last version is glibc-2.5-42) and a fix is to downgrade to previous version on host OS (glibc-2.5-34).

To be sure that your downgrade of glibc worked - check the size of I got an issue on downgrade (even with --oldpackage rpm was not willing to replace a libc), and that's why I lost some hours trying to figure out what is going on. So, be sure to check the size of the files after downgrade. It can save you some hours :)